Jerry & Charlie.. Two Joeys That We Love

Jerry was initially looked after by carer Ashlee, following his mother passing away. He was then handed over to carer Nicole as a very young joey.
He is now approx 8 months old and is very cheeky and cuddly. He likes to peep out of his bag and watch what everyone is doing. Jerry also loves laying back and having his tummy tickled.

Charlie was initially looked after by carer Jean.
He came into care after being found as a tiny pinky on Carramar golf course. A golfer found him and fortunately to him to a vet where he was found to weigh only 690g !!
He is now approx 8 months old and is super fluffy and very noisy. Like Jerry, he likes to have his heading peeping out of his pouch, watching the world go by. He loves it when we go shopping and he gets to come along. He also enjoys sitting in his basket in front of the fire.

These are the first two joeys to come into my care and I take so many photos. We are learning from each other and I feel honoured to be chosen to care for them.