Emergency Contacts & Immediate Care 

Macropods, Echidnas, Birds

Name: Ann Graham

Location: Upper Chittering

Contact: 0427 992 099

Specialty: Macropods, Echidnas, Birds | 35 Yrs Experience


Macropods and Possums

Name: Bev Murphy

Location: Bindoon / Gingin

Contact: 0408 080 674

Specialty: Macropods and Possums | 12 Yrs Experience 

Macropods and Reptiles

Name: Fred Hoogland

Location: Bindoon / Gingin

Contact: 0422 228 415

Specialty: Macropods, Reptiles, Snakes & Birds | 5 Yrs Experience

Macropods and Birds

Name: Jean Eager

Location: Bindoon / Gingin

Contact: 0402 205 139

Specialty: Macropods and Birds | 5 Yrs Experience

Macropods and Birds

Name: Trinette Evans 

Location: Grass Valley / Northam 

Contact: 0447 494 923

Specialty: Macropods and Birds | 14 Yrs Experience

Reptiles and Snakes

Name: Marnie Giroud 

Location: Chittering

Contact: 0403 162 004 

Specialty: Reptiles and Snakes

To find other experienced carers in your area of WA contact the DBCA Wildcare Helpline

Personal Safety

Always consider your personal safety first. If you are driving ensure you find a safe place to pull over.

When rescuing wildlife from the roadside be aware of passing traffic and wear a hi-vis vest if you have one.

Approach the animal with care.

Please Do Not Leave Any Animal to Suffer a Slow, Painful Death!

If you find any sick, injured or orphaned native wildlife contact an experienced carer. The DPaW Wildcare Helpline or the ranger straight away so that the animal can be rescued or euthanised quickly and humanely.

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