Bandicoot Bundles

This little native Australian is the Southern Brown Bandicoot (Isoodon obesulus fusciventer) or Quenda in Noongar language.

It is a marsupial and is sometimes mistaken for a rat due to its small furry body and pointed snout. The Southern Brown Bandicoot is found in northern Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, south Western Australia, and Tasmania and prefers scrubby habitats with plenty of low ground cover and shelter.

Their distribution has decreased significantly since European settlement mainly as a result of habitat destruction, introduced foxes and cats, and changes to the frequency of bushfires.

During the day, they sleep in a nest made from grasses and other plant material, and at night they emerge to feed on a variety of insects, earthworms, and plants.

At Chittering Wildlife Carers Inc., we sometimes see these little guys, usually as a result of being bitten by domestic dogs and cats or hit on roads.

We recently had two young females came into our care from a local vet after being brought in after being bitten by someone’s dog. After a course of antibiotics and specialized care including provision of nesting materials and a diet full of bushland plants, special marsupial milk, and insects, they were soft released into an appropriate bushland area.

You can keep bandicoots safe by keeping your pets contained and keeping an eye out for wildlife whilst driving, particularly at dawn and dusk.

If you find sick or injured wildlife you can call the Wildcare Helpline on 9474 9055 or download the Wildcare App.


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