Chittering Wildlife Carers
Chittering Wildlife Carers

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Chittering Wildlife Carers Inc. is a volunteer not for profit organisation based in the Shire of Chittering Western Australia, 75km north of Perth. There have been  wildlife carers in Chittering for over 30 years but it was only in 2007 that the group formally became an incorporated body.

Our aims are to treat and care for sick, injured and immature native wildlife in order to re-establish rehabilitated wildlife into their natural environment. Where appropriate we provide a protected natural, or near natural environment for wildlife that cannot be released in a secure or unconfined habitat.

General Meeting


Saturday 12th August 2017

at 2pm



Burroloo Well Conservation Centre

5327 Great Northern Highway

Upper Chittering


Contact Secretary for details.

Jack in pre-release

If you find any sick, injured or orphaned native wildlife

Thank you to all our supporters, past and present

Shire of Chittering
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