Chittering Wildlife Carers
Chittering Wildlife Carers


  1. The aims, objects and purpose of Chittering Wildlife Carers Inc. are to treat and care for sick, injured and immature wildlife.
  2. To re-establish rehabilitated wildlife into their natural environment.
  3. Where appropriate to provide a protected natural, or near natural, environment for wildlife that cannot be released in a secure or unconfined habitat.
  4. To co-operate with any other Association or body whose aims and objectives are similar to the aims and objectives of Chittering Wildlife Carers Inc.
  5. The Property and income of the Association shall be applied solely towards the promotion of the object and purpose of the Association and no part of that property or income may be paid or otherwise distributed, directly or indirectly, to members of the Association, except in good faith in the promotion of those objects or purpose.


  • Membership for family or singular to the group is compulsory
  • A mentor from the group will assist a carer in caring for wildlife, and wherever possible two joeys will be raised together.
  • Where possible a suitably fenced area must be provided for exercise at a minimum size of 10 x 10 metres.
  • When an animal is due for release the animal will be returned to the group to be placed on a release programme.
  • A large aviary with suitable housing is a must for the care of native birds and possums.
  • In the event of an emergency consultation with the mentor and veterinary clinic will result in the vet having the final decision on the animal’s welfare.



The group is aligned to the Wildlife Conservation Act regulation 28/2 for sick, injured and orphaned wildlife. The relevant regulations are as follows:

    27. The provisions of regulations 28 to 34a, inclusive, of this part do not apply to waterfowl.

    28. (1) A person shall not keep any fauna in captivity or confinement except under the authority of a licence issued in accordance with regulations.

    (2) The provisions of subregulation (1) of this regulation do not operate so as to prohibit any person who is not the holder of a licence issued under the these regulations from temporarily caring for sick, diseased, injured or derelict fauna until such time as it can be released in the wild, humanely destroyed by an authorised person, or handed to an authorised wildlife officer.

Thank you to all our supporters, past and present

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